Big, bold plastics in Casino Eyewear

When you’re looking for a big plastic, new Casino budget styles Brandon, Dakota, or Carter could be just what you need.  Ranging in size from 50 - 54,  these styles are available in a variety of Black, Grey, and Brown colors.  And, if you want something just a little different, try Dakota’s solid Crystal color for a frame that seems to disappear.

Other :

Peace Eyewear offer twist on the classics

This season’s newest Peace styles are perfect for the fashion-driven teen. These looks are funky riffs on the classic shapes. Smart uses pops of Purple, Pink, and Lime to brighten up neutral fronts.  The Rhythm and Harmony are geek-chic with fun two-tone coloring.  Etched peace symbols reveal the layered color beneath in the new Pizzazz.   




New SunTrends

SunTrends combines fashionable looks with the benefits of glare-reducing polarized lenses. Three new plastics, the ST171, 172, and 173, include two men’s wrap and a women’s rounded-rectangles for lots of coverage.  Worn as is, over contacts, or made into an Rx sun; they are a stylish and affordable way to promote sun protection to your clients.